Lets have a look at what has just happened if this was a real payment ....

Customer has just experienced a smooth and easy process in paying you by credit card online from your website or shopping cart using a safe, secure and PCI DSS and CDU compliant method.
Customer could see, very clearly, they are being handled in a professional and secure manner.
You have NOT incurred a charge for accepting this payment as you would every single time when using a 'real time' payment gateway.
Your own merchant account at your bank has not been left open on the internet and accessible to anything entered into it by anyone without you knowing as it would be with a typical 'real time' or 'live' payment gateway type.
You didn't need to go through the expensive process of obtaining PCI DSS compliance certification for your own website because your website hasn't touched the credit card details you've just entered so PCI compliance for your own site is not applicable in the first place.
Because e-Path does not permanently store any credit card data online, i.e. the primary account number, the expiry date, name on card etc, you are uniquely affording your customers new levels of security and protection that can not be matched by any typical 'real time' payment gateway. See CDU
You now have the unique opportunity to check the buyer and order details first before you decide to charge the card. For the first time you will be in full control over what is charged in to your merchant account and what is not. This new extra layer of defence gives you an extraordinarily powerful tool that can reduce, perhaps completely eliminate, instances of falling victim to credit card fraud.

You have saved time, money and are providing yourself and your own online credit card paying customers with a level of security and protection that simply does not exist with any other online payment gateway service.

Now, back to this particular demonstration. The customer is returned to your website, to a 'thank you' page or in the case of a shopping cart, back to the shopping cart itself. For this demonstration you have been returned here to this page because we configured the ret value as:
http://e-path.com.au/okdemo.php (this page).

e-Path returns a number of parameter values your site originally sent it. Here are the returned values of the order and charge authorisation you've just made. simple php cde on this page draws the returned values so they are displayed ...

For your reference:
Customer Name:
Customer Email:
Your Order Number:
Service Ordered:
Charge Amount: AU$
Charge Frequency: AU$
Card Holder Authorises Charge: Yes
Card Holder Charge Authorisation Date:

Note: Customer Name and Date values are taken from the e-Path system, these parameters are not required to be sent to e-Path.

The demonstration system is only for demonstration and test integration purposes only, it is not connected to the gateway system nor is it under SSL protection. However, it is a 100% representation of the exact customer front-end experience.

As mentioned previously, if you would like to start to integrate e-Path to ensure things work prior to submitting an application for the e-Path gateway service, then please feel free to configure your website/shopping cart to send directly to the following URL ...

http://e-path.com.au/demo1/demo1/demo1.php Learn more about this here: e-Path Integration

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